Earth Buildings (Yongding- Nanjing) Scenic Spot in Fujian Province
The Yongding Earth Buildings, located in Longyan of Fujian, southeast coastal region in China, are the magical residential buildings in mountainous area. They are unique in the world and regarded as a miracle in the ancient architecture of China. In July 2008, the earth buildings were included in the World Heritage List. With a long history and unique style, they have grand scale and refined structure. The earth buildings can be divided into 2 kinds including the square shape and round shape. There are 360 famous round buildings and more than 4000 buildings in Longyan. In 1995, on behalf of the round architectures of south and north of China respectively, their architectural model and the Temple of Heaven of Beijing participated in the World Architecture Exhibition held in Los Angeles, which caused a stir and was reputed as the “Oriental Architectural Pearl”.
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