Overseas Chinese Town Tour and Vacation Scenic Spot in Shenzhen City
Situated at Dameisha of Shenzhen City, China, the Overseas Chinese Town covers an area of nearly 9 km2, and is a large tourist facility built by the Overseas Chinese Town Group at a cost of RMB3.5 billion. As the first domestic large-scale national-level comprehensive eco-tourism demonstration area that integrates leisure, vacation, and sightseeing tours; outdoor sports; popular science and education; eco-adventures; and others into a single place, the scenic spot consists mainly of 6 zones, i.e., the Grand Canyon Ecopark, Chaxi Valley Leisure Park, Yunhai Valley Sports Park, Dahuaxing Temple, the Theme Hotel Cluster, and Tianlu Villa, giving expression to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature. With "Scientific and Rational Planning, Complete with All Necessary Functions, A Beautiful Environment, High Levels of Nobility and Civility, Standardized Advanced Management" as the goals to strive for during its planning, construction, and management, the Overseas Chinese Town Group has made every effort over the past dozen years to build the Overseas Chinese Town into a world-class tour and vacation destination.
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