Lianzhou Underground River Scenic Spot in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province
The Lianzhou Underground River is a stream flowing through a huge natural limestone cave with typical subtropical karst landforms. Visitors can tour the river across an area of 60,000 m2. The highest point of the cave is 47.8 m high while its widest part is 53.6 m wide. The temperature inside the cave stays around 18?C throughout the year, and the air is fresh, which makes the cave a perfect place to stay away from the hot sun in summer. A lot of wildly different strange stalactite shapes can be seen and appreciated as, starting at ground level, you go into the cave along a meandering stone path, including those resembling "Maitreya," "Guan Yu," and "Lady Meng Jiang." A sight of particular interest is the "Divine Fields along a Celestial Beings' River," where layer on layer of stalactites are distributed on either bank of a meandering "Celestial Beings' River" in a stunningly beautiful arrangement. Its shape sort of resembles that of the Huanglong Scenic Spot in Sichuan Province. After you descend to the lower level, an underground river can be seen extending towards the deep part of the cave, with its end hidden from view. The waterway meanders as you ride along in a small boat, with its width varying sharply and randomly all the time and a mere 1.6 m at its narrowest point. And the stalactite overhead can be touched with hands as you go. You will pass through three gorges, i.e. the Banana Gorge, the Lotus Gorge, and the Dragon Gate Gorge, as you ride along the river, which is lined with various strange and beautiful stalactite shapes on both banks. Some shapes look like waterfalls falling from the sky, while others look like dense forests and wildlife in action. The boat ride will travel 1,500 m and pass through 4 peaks.
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