Taierzhuang Ancient City in Zaozhuang
Located at the junction of Jiangsu and Shandong, Taierzhuang as the municipal district of Zaozhuang is the south gate of Shandong, and historically it is a hotly contested spot. The spring of 1938 saw the famous Taierzhuang Battle, during which tens of thousands of enemies were killed, and Taierzhuang was thus renowned as a city of heroes and “a place showing the strength and perseverance of Chinese nation”. And Taierzhuang Ancient City within the district is a must tourist destination. Boasting of 8 tourist attractions within the ancient city corresponding to the 8 sceneries of the ancient canal, the ancient city owns 18 ponds and water streets and alleys of 7 km, hence visitors can travel around the whole city by boats. It is a veritable ancient oriental water city.
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