Mount Tai Scenic Spot in Tai’an
As the most revered one of the Five Mountains, Mount Tai is located in the middle of Shandong and extends between Jinan, Changqing, Feicheng and Tai’an. The south foot starts from Tai’an and ends in Jinan to the north. Mount Tai is listed among the first batch of national scenic spots as a natural artistic and historic museum. Pines and cypresses all over add to the solemnity and grandeur of Mount Tai; while the flowing streams and springs make up for the delicacy and grace. The flying and fickle mist and cloud make the mountain mysterious and abstruse. The mountain boasts of picturesque foothill, serene and tranquil area, open and spacious area as well as fabulous and mysterious areas, besides, there tourists can also enjoy the ten major natural marvelous spectacles as Rising Sun, Cloud Sea &Full Moon, Sunset Glow, Golden Yellow River and so on in addition to the ten natural landscapes as Wind Whistling among Pines, Twin Pines, Buddha Vihara in the Peach Garden, Divine Rock, etc., Mount Tai presents us a natural painting of wonderful landscape. As for the human landscape, Mountain Sheshou and Mountain Haoli as sacrificial places in the southwest as well as the Peak Jade Emperor constitute a trebling space of “nether world”, “man’s world” and “heaven”.
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