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The Penglai Pavilion is situated at Mountain Danya north of Penglai, renowned as “Four Great Towers of China” together with the Yellow Crane Tower, Yueyang Tower and Pavilion of Prince Teng. The Layout of pavilions, terraces and open halls consisting of the whole ancient architectural complex is appropriate and reasonable, temples and gardens are arranged harmoniously to add radiance and beauty to each other. And there under Penglai Pavilion is the Immortal Bridge delicately structured, where the Eight Immortals cross the sea. On the east side, we can see Shangqinggong (a famous Taoist temple), Lvzudian (a temple to commemorate Lv Dongbin, a legendary figure of the Eight Immortals), Puzhao Lighthouse and Guanlan Pavilion, etc. Next to the western chamber of Penglai Pavilion stand Bifeng Pavilion, Tianhou Temple (commonly known as Queen Temple), theatrical stage and Palace of Dragon King. These pavilions and halls are well-proportioned and completely integrated with Penglai Pavilion, collectively called “Penglai Pavilion”. The ancient architectural complex of Penglai Pavilion spans an area of 32,800 m2, consisting of six parts including Amida Temple, Palace of Dragon King, Tianhou Temple, Penglai Pavilion, Sanqing Temple (Sanqing refers to the three immortals worshipped by Taoism) and Lvzudian.
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