Li River Scenic Spot in Guilin City
As one of the world’s largest and most scenic resorts of karst landscapes, it is located in the eastern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China, and belongs to the Pearl River system, about 83 km from Guilin to Yangshuo, also known as Li River. The 83-km water-way resembles a cyan ribbon wriggling among breathtaking mountains, accompanied by charming sceneries, magnificent reflection peaks, verdurous ripples, deep pools, wonderful springs and waterfalls, which together form a colorful picture. This is called “A hundred miles of Li River, a hundred miles of picture gallery”, becoming the most typical karst landform in the northeast of Guangxi. The one-hundred-mile Li River according to different views can be broadly divided into three scenic spots: Spot I, from Guilin to Huangniu Gorge; Spot II, from Huangniu Gorge to Shuiluo Village; Spot III, from Shuiluo Village to Yangshuo. As the Li River Scenic Region has lots of scenic spots, only its main attractions can be chosen for sightseeing in a short term. Among them, one river (Li River), two caves (Reed Flute Cave, Seven-Star) Cave), and three peaks (Peak of Unique Beauty, Wave-Subduing Hill, Diecai Hill) cannot be missed, which are called the essence of the waters and mountains of Guilin.
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