Longkou South Mountain Scenic Spot
Located in Lushan Mountain of Longkou City in Shandong, the Yantai South Mountain Tourist Area has beautiful and pleasant natural scene and simple, elegant and magnificent human landscape. The whole tourist area is divided into 2 parts of the Park of Religious Culture and the Park of Chinese History and Culture. The major tourist attractions in the Park of Religious Culture include the Big Buddha at the South Mountain, Zen Temple of the South Mountain, Xiangshui Nunnery, Lingyuan Taoist Temple, Taoist Abbeys of the South Mountain and so on. The Park of Chinese History and Culture is a large-scale theme park, covering an area of 6 km2. It adopts the layout structure based on the historical culture, auspicious culture and the architectural complex of all ages and integrates various kinds of cultures including the historical culture, auspicious culture, folk culture, food culture and civil culture of China, reflecting the profound history of Chinese civilization. With her refined natural scene and profound human landscape, the South Mountain Tourist Area is now structuring a beautiful scene of “long live as South Mountain”.
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