Laoshan Mountain Scenic Spot
Located in Laoshan District in the east of Qingdao City, Laoshan Mountain Scenic Spot is the main mountain chain of Shandong Penisula. Towering aloft at the coast of the Yellow Sea, Laoshan Mountain was praised by the ancients in the old saying: “Lofty as the Mount Tai is, the Laoshan Mountain is more gorgeous”. The connection of mountain and sea and the splendid landscape are the features of Laoshan Mountain. Laoshan Mountain is the only mountain to rise by the seaside in China, enjoying the reputation of the “No. 1 famous mountain above the sea”. It is said that both the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty and Emperor Wu in Han Dynasty had been here for pursuing immortal. This famous Taoist mountain is well known in the world by the Taoist of Laoshan Mountain in the Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. The tourist attractions of the Laoshan Mountain include: Jufeng, Liuqing River, Taiqing Palace, Chessboard Stone, Yangkou (Slack Mouth), Beijiushui and Hualou Palace. Among them, Liuqing River-Taiqing Palace-Chessboard Stone-Yangkou (Slack Mouth) is on the same route. There are 4 touring routes in the Laoshan Mountain Scenic Spot, including 3 land routes (south route, east route and middle route) and 1 water route.
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