Yellow Emperor Mausoleum Scenic Spot
As the burial site of the Yellow Emperor, a forefather of the Chinese people, and situated on Qiao Mountain, 1 km north of Huangling county of Yan'an City, the scenic spot is among the first batch of National State-Protected Great Cultural Sites proclaimed as such by the State Council, and its ancient tomb, titled "Ancient Tomb #1," is popularly known as the "First Tomb Under Heaven." Since sacrifices were officially offered to the Yellow Emperor in the Spring and Autumn period, the mausoleum has become a major official site of worship, especially after the Qin and Han Dynasties. Since 2004, a series of public ceremonial activities revolving around the mausoleum has become a national ceremony showcasing the age-old traditions of the Chinese people. Since 1997, the scenic area has won a number of honorary titles, including National Patriotism Education Base, National Key Scenic Spot, National 5A Level Scenic Spot, and National Civilized Scenic Tourist Attraction. As China's famed hometown of worship, the Yellow Emperor Mausoleum memorial ceremony has become part of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage.
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