Huaqing Pool Scenic Spot
An imperial palace built at the original site of the Huaqing Palace of the Tang Dynasty, Huaqing Pool lies at the northern foot of Mount Li, 30km to the east of Xi'an and some distance to the south of the Wei River. Thanks to its immemorial hot spring resources, the romance between Tang Dynasty Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei, its status as the site of the Xi'an Incident, and its rich humanistic and historical resources, Huaqing Pool has become a famed cultural tourist attraction, a National State-Protected Great Cultural Site, and one of the first batch of tourist attractions to be granted the title of National 5A-class Tourist Attraction. Emperors in dynasties like Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang built palaces and gardens around Huaqing Pool, because the area fuses humanistic and historical treasures and natural scenery together. Magnificent Tang-style architecture stands in its full splendor in the scenic area while its garden-styled scenery has a style of its own. The major attractions in the scenic spot include the Tang Dynasty's Huaqing Palace Imperial Spring Ruins Museum, the site of the Xi'an Incident, the Jiulong Lake and Furong Lake scenic spot, and the Tang Dynasty Operatic Ground Ruins Museum. There also are some landmark clusters of buildings, including Feishuang Hall, Chaoyang Hall, Long-life Hall, and Huan Garden. There also is a first-class hotel, called Huaqing Imperial Hot Springs, built to let people experience imperial springs. A large-scale historical dance drama staged in a real-life setting called Everlasting Regret was launched in Apr. 2007, setting a successful example for China's tourist and cultural creativity industries. A drama titled A Travel Across the Mysterious Long-life Hall, launched in May 2012 as a classic work of operatic art that incorporates multimedia elements, has become a new model for the digital transformation of traditional museums.
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