Wulingyuan and Tianmen Mountain Scenic Spot at Zhangjiajie
Tianmen Mountain, named Yunmeng Mountain or Songliang Mountain in ancient times, is the highest mountain in Yongding District of Zhangjiajie and only 8 km away from the downtown. It got its name from the natural wonder-Tianmen Cave and was the first to be recorded into the annals of mountains. In the sixth year of Yong’an at the Three Kingdoms of Wu Dynasty (263 A.D.), it took the name Tianmen Mountain from a barranca of Songliang Mountain opened widely all of a sudden just like a door which formed a unique natural wonder-Tianmen Cave so far. The mountain top is relatively flat and remains intact secondary forests. There are many extremely valuable and unique plant species here and its forest coverage reaches 90 percent. It is praised as the most beautiful hanging gardens and celestial wonderland around the world with the spreading natural bonsai, such as towering old trees, tangling vines and bristling moss, stalagmites and clints. On the noon of 22nd July 2012, French roller skating master Jean-Yves Blondeau challenged to get through Tianmen Mountain.
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