Tiantangzhai Scenic Spot in Liu'an City
Tiantangzhai, located in the Dabie Mountain main peaks, is on the border of Luotian County in Hubei Province and Jinzhai County in Anhui province, which is known as "the Last Virgin Forest in East China", "the Plant Kingdom" and "the Flower Sea". At the southern foot of Tiantangzhai is Hubei Tiantangzhai Scenic Spot (Dabie Mountains National Forest Park, Dabie Mountains National Geopark), and at the northern foot is Anhui Tiantangzhai Scenic Spot (National 5A-level Scenic Spot), which covers a total area of 120 square kilometers and has 25 mountains higher than 1,000 meters within the territory, of which the highest peak - Baima Peak is situated in Huoshan County, Liu'an City, Anhui Province, with an altitude of 1,777 meters. As one of the main peaks in Dabie Mountains, Baima Peak is the watershed of the Yangtze River and the Yellow River, with an annual rainfall of 1,350 mm and a humidity degree of 85%. The annual average temperature is 12.6℃, and the water quality is the first-class healthy surface water. In addition, the scenic spot is covered with impregnable passes, mountains, flourishing woods and tall bamboo bushes with waterfalls, strangely-shaped pines and rocks, which was also known as "the First Pass in the Southeast of Wu and Chu". Alpine meadow in Tiantangzhai has an altitude of 1,440 meters which is the world's lowest wetland. At the foot of the mountain, there is a household longevity village - Nanhe Village, where visitors can immerse themselves in the dotted ancient dwellings and folk customs.
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