Changchun Puppet Palace Museum
The Puppet Palace Museum is a historic and cultural scenic spot merging puppet palace sightseeing, red tour, culture and leisure, and tourism business into a single whole. Changchun, a beautiful north spring city, hosts a group of buildings quite different from the modern architecture in its northeastern corner, which used to be the palace of puppet emperor Aisin-Gioro Puyi of Manchukuo. With an area of 137,000 square meters, consisting of several dozens of palace architectures, it is characterized by architectural style integration between east and west, China and Japan, especially the colonial nature. In accordance with the functions, the Puppet Palace are divided and re-positioned: focusing on its original characteristics and cultural connotation, the core protected area offers more than 30 exhibitions of original state, topics and basic display, creating a characteristic well-arranged display system, highlighting its puppet nature and “royal” brand. The east area takes the newly established Northeast Occupation History Museum as the support, offering Never Forget September 18 National Humiliation and other basic displays and thematic exhibitions, comprehensively displaying Northeast humiliation, exposing the crimes of the Japanese military occupation, chanting anti-Japanese heroic undertaking, and exclusively taking lead in the “red tour”. The western area highlights the restored imperial flower cellars, racecourse and guard barracks, Kaffir lily, precious horses and other national cultures, creating rare urban green leisure facilities. Used to be the guard barracks, the southern area serves as a center for tourist business services, antiques and arts exchange and distribution center of local specialty products. Integrating “revolution”, “nobility” and “ecology” tour services, they make the Puppet Palace comprehensive cultural and educational facilities characterized by clear and unique themes, complete functions, elegance and attraction.
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