Jilin Changchun Clear Moon Lake Scenic Spot
Twelve kilometers southeast of Changchun City, the Clear Moon Lake Scenic Spot is a national 5A level scenic spot, known as a sister lake of Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan, and consisting of national Clear Moon Lake Scenic Spot, national Clear Moon Lake Forest Park and Jilin Provincial Clear Moon Lake Tourist Resort. It is shaped like a moon following dam construction and impoundment, and surrounded by green Mountain and clear waters, hence the name. With a forest area of over 100 square kilometers, deserving the name of “Asia’s largest artificial woodlands”, it hosts Jilin Provincial largest artificial bathing sand beach Clear Moon Lake Bathing Sand Beach, one of the famous temples in the Northeast North Putuo Temple with popular annual Buddhist events, Christmas Wonderland full of European elegance known as the world’s second park with “Hometown of Santa Claus” as the theme.
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