Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Spot in Chizhou City
Located in the southeast part of Chizhou City, Anhui Province, Jiuhua Mountain is one of "China's Four Largest Buddhist Mountains", and also the Buddhist rites of the Buddha of Hades, which has been listed into the first batch of national key scenic spots. Commanding the Yangtze River on the north, watching Mount Huangshan on the south and overlooking Taiping Lake on the east, Jiuhua Mountain is well known for its Buddhist cultural practices and beautiful natural scenery at home and abroad. Jiuhua Mountain, known as the Ninety-nine Peaks, has more than 20 mountains above 1,000 meters, of which the highest mountain is Ten-King Mountain. These mountains are characterized by flowing brooks and splashing waterfalls and the scenery is very amazing. The peaks tower up into the clouds with extremely skillful shapes. The moon mirrored in the Shutan Pool and the sweet sound of Jiuzi Spring present tourists with a feeling of beautiful landscape and the joy of beauty. Jiuhua Mountain, formerly known as Lingyang Mountain, was renamed as Jiuhua Mountain during the reign of Emperor Tianbao in the Tang Dynasty as its nine-peak shape was like lotus.
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