Turtle Head Isle Scenic Spot in Wuxi City
Turtle Head Isle on the Taihu Lake is in southwest of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. Guo Moruo once praised it as “the most beautiful place of Taihu Lake”. Embraced by flourishing mountains and serene landscape, the Turtle Head Isle Scenic Spot integrating elegance and majesty of hills and rivers is the most beautiful place of Taihu Lake, hailed as “a natural painting”. Turtle Head Isle Park is the former private garden of Chiang Kai-shek, worthy of the title “the most intoxicating scenery in Wuxi”. Embedded by green mountains and water, Changchun Bridge, Chenglan Hall, Feiyun Pavilion, Jinsong Building, Guangfu Temple, Taozhu Pavilion and other garden buildings, the six major scenic spots as Taihu Fairy Island, Juqu District, Dashing Waves of Turtle Head in spring, Snowy and Spectacular Waves, Sunrise at Luding Peak and Chongshan Mountain have their unique features. On the Turtle Head Isle, tourists can enjoy the beautiful, enchanting and refreshing sceneries presented by Taihu Lake.
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