Jinshan Mountain · Jiao Mountain · Beigu Mountain Scenic Area in Zhenjiang City
As one of the tourist attractions since ancient China, Jinshan Mountain is in the northwest of Zhenjiang with an altitude of 43.7 m. Jinshan Mountain is the locality where many legends and historic stories happened, such as Flooding Jinshan Temple described in the Tale of the White Serpent. Jinshan has a great many scenic spots and historic sites. The beautiful Cishou Tower stands in the northwest part of Jinshan Mountain. Jinshan Temple is famous since ancient times and patronized by many men of letter, and the characters on the plaque were written by Emperor Kangxi. As the “finest spring under the heaven”, Zhongling Spring, also known as Nanling Spring, is 1 mile west of Jinshan Mountain. And the spring has been famous since Tang Dynasty. Tea-tasting expert Lu Yu of Tang Dynasty acclaimed that the spring water of Zhongling Spring is the best in the world, the famous figure Liu Bochu of late Tang Dynasty classified the water into seven grades with Zhongling Spring sourced from Yangtze River as the best. Since then, Zhongling Spring was honored as “the finest spring under the heaven”. At Jinshan Lake, you could see a series of accumulation landform of Yangtze River including the flood plain, marginal bank, hogback, as well as the scouring phenomenon on the north bank (concave bank) of Yangtze River as well as the accumulation in the south bank (convex bank).
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